For up to $2,500, one college student struggled to turn down

The Scarlet Project received the following unsolicited email from a man who claims to have been contacted by in 2006–the same website on which NU wrestlers Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan were recently discovered.  This young man, who wishes to remain anonymous, describes his encounter with and reaction to his contact with below.  For our purposes we will call this man “Joe”.  “Joe’s” story is posted below with his permission.


From “Joe”:  My On-line Encounter with the ‘Fratmen’ website.

A college friend of mine who currently coaches wrestling at a prep school in New England just told me about the Husker wrestler Fratmen business.  He remembered that I had been approached by Fratmen.  So before everyone rushes to judgment on these guys, I would like recount for you my own encounter with the ‘Fratmen’ webmasters:
It was two and a half years ago.  They sent me a message on MySpace, telling me that they thought I was very good looking and asking if I’d ever considered a modeling career.  I looked at their MySpace page, and got an idea of the sort of ‘modeling’ to which they were referring.  I told them that I probably wasn’t interested in posing naked, and definitely was not interested in doing anything sexual.  I was straight, was planning on applying to medical school, and was afraid of it coming back to bite me in the butt at some point.  They tried to put my concerns to rest.  All of their models were straight, and none to date had had any problems with being spotted on-line by friends, family, etc, as the site’s patrons were mostly gay men who liked to watch straight athletes masturbate.  They offered me $1,500 dollars, plus hotel and round trip airfare to Los Angeles.

I have to admit I was tempted.  It was the middle of winter, I was stuck in northern New England, and an all-expense paid weekend in sunny LA alone sounded pretty sweet.  The money would be nice, too.  Maybe make a stop in Tahoe or Park City on the way home.  So I told them I’d think about it.  I mentioned it to a couple of friends who agreed they’d be tempted, too.  We had a good laugh, and then I just forgot about it.

About two or three weeks later, I received a follow-up message from Fratmen.  They wanted to know if I was still interested in modeling.  They were very interested in me.  They sweetened the pot: this time I think they were offering $2,500 (‘more than we’ve paid anyone else!’) They also added something along the lines of our site’s subscribers include lots of college girls.  Several of our models report that they have become very popular with the ladies after appearing on Fratmen!  I immediately recalled what they had previously said about their clientèle being primarily gay men, and pointed out this inconsistency in my reply.  I never heard from them again. 

The way I see it, there are three points that need to consider with regard to Kenny Jordan’s and Paul Donahoe’s misstep: 1) the Fratmen webmasters stalk web sites like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, etc. looking for athletic, good looking, impressionable college guys, 2) they make misrepresentations calculated both to lull potential models into a sense of false security regarding their privacy and to appeal to their egos, and 3) they are very persistent.  I have no problem believing that these boys were duped as they claim to have been.

These guys did a stupid thing.  They saw a little green, and their wallets got the better of their judgment.  But college guys routinely do stupid things and let their judgment fly out the window.  Spend some time at Dartmouth Winter Carnival and you will witness the allegedly Best and Brightest of them engaging in acts so spectacularly bone-headed as to make jerking off for a soft core porn site seem as harmless as making a mud pie!  Seriously, these guys did not commit date-rape, nor were they involved in a vehicular homicide secondary to DWI.  The way I see it, they are the principal victims here.

I never wrestled myself, but I have friends who did, saw how hard they trained, and can only imagine the level of dedication required of an athlete to compete in the sport at the Division I level.  These two guys obviously love it: wrestling is their life.  Perhaps they are so focused that they are naive in the ways of the world — and thus perfect targets for the predatory ‘rush’ of ‘Fratmen’.



Editor’s Note:  The Scarlet Project has received numerous emails from readers who have indicated that images of Paul Donahoe have recently been removed from the Husker Wrestling Booster Club’s website,  Photo albums removed include one entitled “Paul Donahoe, 2007 Champion”.  One Scarlet Project reader commented “That’s more than a little Orwellian. If this had been a regular scandal and not a “gay wrestler” scandal, do you really think Nebraska would have not only kicked him off the team but tried to wipe out all visual images of him as well?”


30 Responses to For up to $2,500, one college student struggled to turn down

  1. tom watson says:

    what’s this- mea culpa? so concerned? some tiny people wanted to feel good about their meaningless lives & thrived on destroying other people’s lives… well, they weren’t able to destroy because Nebraska isn’t exactly the center of the world.. Paul Donahoe is better off in Edinboro, & he can wrestle like before, When Brad Pitt’s dick’s pictures were splashed all over ther world, he actually became more famous. That’s where Paul is now.. a famous man with a famous dick… he actually has more options now….

  2. tom watson says:

    now eat your heart out, envious people of the world

  3. Chrissy poo says:

    I think “Joe’s” version of how they recruit and what they say are very accurate. Let’s be honest, no website geared to gay men has a female viewership more than the single digits.

    For someone who does enjoy gay porn, the website is full of very handsome men all claiming to be straight — though they also seem to turn to harder stuff or you see these supposedly straight models on other sites have sex with other guys. But, I digress.

    In a previous porn scandal involving Active Duty Army guys, that website in question did the right thing (unlike — this website). They closed up shop to new members. You couldn’t get a new subscription for like 2 months. The owner did no interviews. Neither confirmed or denied that this was the website that the Army was investigating. Yeah, he lost money in the process, but gained respect and probably more viewers in the long run.

    After seeing that the owner of the website Donahoe “modeled for” acted during the whole news cycle by talking to the press (of course never forgetting to mention the website), I’m convinced that the faux concern for Paul “staying on the team” (or claiming he was working with the NCAA to keep his eligability) was all bull shit. He wanted the website’s name out there to make more money.

    It was all part of a series of lies that according to Joe, the owners tell their models. Lying that jerking off on a gay porn website have gotten girls from their performance on the website is just silly. Telling them it’s only modeling (as if it were on par with becoming a Ford model) or that it’s only acting. Lying to them and saying no one will know. This story should be a warning about that. Plenty of gay guys out there who would love to gossip that they saw this supposed straight guy jerking off on a porn website for gay men. I’ve known “models” who were blackmailed when their activities were found out. One was “outed” to their parents after a fan asked for an autograph while he was having dinner with his parents who knew nothing of his adult video career.

    The pay they are offering are very much the top of the realm for a solo video. Only 2 other outfits pay in that range. However, the amount of profit off of Donahoe the website owner has made off this scandal could be well into the six figures. A friend who owns a crappy porn website told me a popular model of his could net him 25K in sales. He pays them 300 for a solo. Oh, and like many adult video website owners, likes to play with his models off camera.

    My view, if you are jerking off on a website you know is mostly gay, there might be something in the back of your head that says you want gay men to see you naked and sexually.

  4. tim reyes says:


    You mean, Paul went to LA to jackoff for only $1500 for the PUBLIC but rejects a $2000 blowjob in PRIVATE? Would I ride a plane a thousand miles away, jack off my dick on camera then earn only a couple of thousand bucks?

  5. tim reyes says:

    if I could let all hang loose ON camera for a couple of thousand bucks, what would I not be willing to do BEHIND the camera for a few thousand dollars more so my trip to far away LA would be wortrh the trouble?

    Hmm… this is getting intriguing… I went to LA to earn money, would I refuse the chance to earn more ? Anyway they won’t see… If I had the GALL to cum TWICE on camera, would I have the GALL to cum twice in somebody’s mouth OFF camera?

  6. tim reyes says:

    or did the blowjob came with the modelling fee already considering that the website owner was saying “… oh, just so you can cum easier!”

  7. tim reyes says:

    to tom watson

    it may not be ENVY that was operative here, there may really a story here. Wrestling is not called very gay, though jokingly, for nothing. I like Chrissy’s last words… YOUR VIEW THAT KNOWINGLY JERKING OFF FOR GAY GUYS MAY MEAN YOU WANT GAY MEN TO SEE YOU NAKED & SEXUALLY… but why do you WANT? For a couple of thousand dollars? travel to faraway LA for that amount? Really, there’s a story there, To THESCARLETPROJECT people, better redeem yourself from the ENVY accusations & dig up the real story… or wrestling as we know it will be tarnished forever

  8. tim reyes says:

    I didn’t react first when the story broke out. Doing it for money was easy to understand. I didn’t realize the amount involved- hey, that amount can’t even buy you a car why would you expose your inguinal area to the world when you are the national champion? It’s easy to rationalize it’s the money but I don’t think it was for THAT amount of money… not unless more came when they arrived in LA. If it did, it’s worse.

    There’s more to this, peeps

  9. jack powers says:

    I am surprised by the small amount given to the “models”… is that the only reason why the “models” travel to Los Angeles or are there more “extra benefits”? It’s surprising how NCAA athletes would go that low just to earn an amount that low! I was actually chuckling when I first heard the news, well I would do it for the money too. But now that I have an idea of how small the amount involved.. I don’t know…
    I read between the lines of Chrissy & I don’t like what comes to mind… Manning may been right after all to kick them…

  10. HuskerHunk says:

    We know that letter is BS because anyone who knows anything about Fratmen knows that their movies are not shot in Los Angeles (that’s where the office is but movies are shot in the desert and the guys are flown in to Palm Springs) and the models are not put up in hotels but actually stay in rented houses together along with the production crew.

  11. husker confused says:

    Huskerstud must come from Fratmen himself. Well, that makes the problem bigger- if the model & the production crew which is totally gay lives in the same house in the desert, what do you think would happen? All day long they were making the model horny.. would they stop making him horny at night?

  12. husker reborn says:

    well, the guys may not have been interested in the money all along. They just wanted to do it for whatever reasons. So what? The only ones with problem are their opponents: the guys are grapplers & Donahoe is particularly tenacious on the mat. Look at how he fixed his crotch at the end of the second round in his championship match with Hazewinkel. Handsome boy Hazewinkel never knew what hit him when Donahoe clambered on his back in the third round. They say something stabbed him. Huh, illegal possession of sharp weapons? No problem, when the opponent is no pretty boy, no sharp weapons

  13. moreconfusedhere says:

    The NCAA obviously has restrictions against athletes who commercialize their pics, I wonder if the NCAA has anything to say when athletes engage in gay prostitution?

  14. pornveteran says:

    So many fuss over the low fees.
    Porn shoot fees are really low because they aren’t the prime source of income of the performers. Porn is just sort of promo material for the real thing- $1000 or more per hour escorting. There are syndicates that cater to various fetishes- they provide Marines for Marine lovers, college athletes for lovers of jocks. Sexuality has nothing to do with it, money does. As Joe Dallesandro said, a hustler learns to enjoy same-gender sex as an acquired taste.
    Things are not only what you see but what you don’t see, the money may be there

  15. stan says:

    it’s not a question of being liberal, it’s a question of being so cheap

  16. Ron says:

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with posing naked, who doesn’t want more money? Just that models have to be aggressive in negotiating their pay!

  17. Phil says:

    Husker Hunk: as ‘Joe’ never followed through with ‘Fratmen’, he likely wasn’t told details like Palm Spring vs. LA, and sharing a place with the Fratmen webmasters. In fact, ‘bait and switch’ misrepresentations seem consistent with the Fratmen MO.

    I hope Paul Donahoe thrives in Edinboro, wins another title, but the kid bled Husker Scarlet and Black! Gotta be a let down! I think the reaction of coach Manning, who’s protege Paul seemed to be, and the athletic department in general has been positively craven!

  18. Phil says:

    Crissy-poo: do you think the Fratmen webmasters may have been the ones to leak this story to generate as scandal and increase subscriptions? Seriously, porn producers are slime almost by definition.

  19. james says:

    i’m enjoying this blog: the models shouldn’t be called gay-friendly, they should be called gay-leftovers

  20. walter says:

    Ron: I don’t know if you’re another Fratmen inside man but I take exception to what you said about models being just more aggressive for their pay because it’s not inherently wrong to pose naked (masturbate) on camera for money (as if Fratmen would have the money to compensate for the damage the career prospects of the model would incur because of discovery). You seem to slyly endorse the exploitation. The money that should be paid should be commensurate to the damage incurred on the future career prospects of the models (which are students aiming for a bright future btw) & I think no porn company would want to come up with such money, much less Fratmen. Take Paul Donahoe, he may have transferred to Edinboro but his problems with the NCAA is the least of his challenges. It’s easy to see he already shrunk his potential life career prospects. Start thinking of the lost chances of landing commercial sponsorships (potential 2 national championship should’ve been highly marketable). Will he ever be taken seriously if ever he pursues positions of high prestige & responsibility in the future? Many like to brag about their pretensions of being liberals & belonging to a “new” generation, but that’s immaterial really. In any position that require certain credentials, it’s the judgement calls of the individual which will be scrutinized & decided upon as to his suitability. Ultimately it’s not really his morality or modernity which will matter but his wisdom & character, especially in a nationally publicized case. In this case, he showed many lapses almost bordering on stupidity- indifferent that as an athlete he may be known, he went in complete with a tatoo declaring his origins. As early as June 25, in the Comments section of a blog used by Fratmen for its promo, somebody already guessed the model was from Nebraska because of the tatoo. A few days later, a gay student wrote he knew the model & lived near him. Then when the scandal exploded, he allowed the gay pornographer to act as if the latter were his spokesman alienating rather than winning any sympathy from a shocked public . How can the pornographer even dare to say he’s working for the NCAA eligibility of the athlete? What do you think the NCAA people felt while dealing with the gay pornographer? Sympathize with the athlete or curse him for paving the way for this gay pornographer to contaminate their offices? (highlight GAY considering the relatively homo-allergic atmosphere in wrestling departments, the reality if we shed pretentious PC speak. Add the word PORNOGRAPHER & you dropped anthrax bomb in the dugout ).

    It’s not wise to gamble your life options for a few thousand bucks. If you have to gamble, you should at least make sure you can get enough capital to start your own business so you don’t have to depend on the scrutiny of others later. Start talking of a million dollars & it may be worth masturbating on camera. That thumbnails of Fratmen models in their preview page is almost a roster of doomed (& dumb) lives who had to live later years of their lives looking over their shoulders wary of scandals. If they live marginalized lives, no problem, scandal is a respite from boring lives. But considering they’re all young, it would be next to impossible for them to aspire to be high-flying achievers. Sadly, they compromised their chances early in their lives. Paris Hilton was hot because she was an elite creature who crashed down to earth, everybody’s schadenfreude loves that. Simple John from Montana who bared it all will be just too easy to dismiss, well, he was from a farm in Montana after all, what do you expect?

    Of course, this isn’t saying Donahoe’s chances are totally shot. He just got served a terribly narrower field. Donahoe has an extra option now to start a porn career. At 5’5”, I wonder if people will be that interested after they saw him have every hole in his body penetrated a couple of times. If they get tired of him after a year, what? I don’t think having sex for money with old fags & hags all year long will compensate for the lost opportunities of one with his athletic resume. This is not to denigrate him, it’s just a cold assessment of ground zero post-scandal.

    Really: all these pornographic models using money for their studies as an excuse- why bother studying if you’re torpedoing your chances for success in the process anyway? Your video will be online forever. Morality has nothing to do with it, common sense is all there is. If you become a lawyer, what do you think are your odds of remaining a lawyer forever? Why allow yourself to live under a sword of Damocles just for a few thousand bucks? First Amendment is nice to hear but practical reality isn’t as nice.

    I can understand the need, I won’t understand the stupidity of displaying your stupidity on video for posterity.

  21. Robert says:

    I want to echo the comments of other contributors: that the actions of these wrestlers did not justify their dismissal from the program. Mark Manning and the administration of your school reflect what is worst about your state and school: a narrow, Puritanical parochialism, which many of us already associate with Nebraska. However inadvisable Donahoe and Jordan’s performances may have been, these kids should not have been dismissed from your wrestling squad. I urge you to publicly crititicize your school’s administration, and demand the dismissal of Manning and any other prudes who made this decision. I understand that legal action against your school is being considered. I hope that both wrestlers sue, prevail, and are awarded enough in damages to more than compensate for the harm done to their prospects; quite a bit, if what several other (unsympathetic) posters have said is true. May these damages exceed what your school spends on its wrestling program over a period of years. I hope that it is true, and that it becomes clear to you, that whatever opprobrium might have attached to these wrestlers’ behavior is dwarfed by that which should now should be visited on your school.

  22. James says:

    Well said Walter, I agree that a career in porn isn’t for everyone. However, I AM interested in helping Paul to work on his post-scandal life. What kind of work can he do? I am thinking about Real Estate agent? Personal Trainer? Pro ebay seller? Those aren’t white-shoe jobs that require a 100% clean background. Would love to hear your take.

  23. chase says:

    I’ve been reading comments by gay readers in various blogs about this “Nash scandal”that seemed to insinuate there is big money to entertainers targetting them. Just to let you know, one of the superstars of gay porn, Kurt Wild, a straight guy with 3 kids who became famous for being the “King of Bottoms” of gayporn, was fired recently from his day job as a Subway crew when a customer protested his prescence. A “superstar” working as a fastfood crew?
    The superstar of gayporn in the 1990’s, Rex Chandler, another straight man, is now working as a forest guard.
    They say masturbarting online is now accepted in mainstream. THe two most often repeated examples, Scott Andersen, jacked off first at Sean Cody as Harry & he was able to land a job as an underwear model- but what else? When he was identified as the “Harry”. was he even invited to any moderately classy fashion shows? Actually, he’s nowhere now. Thierry Pepin, the really spectacular Canadian model who dabbled in gayporn but later found himself becoming Ralph Lauren model- but after his past was exposed, where is he now?
    Every now & then, the reality shows get contestants with porn background just to create publicity. But after the show is done & the models get their 15 minutes, where are they now? Crazy James of Big Brother 9,,who turned out to be a gayporn artist , is nowhere. Rodrigo de Sarli of Janice Dickinson is back as a gayporn actor.

    This is in no way being homophobic. It’s just bare fact. Big money?

  24. chase says:

    the 2 wrestlers apparently thought there was big money there too- I don’t know if they thought a fee of couple of thousand bucks was big enough stake to “jack off ” their career trajectories around

  25. Chrissy poo says:

    Finally saw some the comments, and here are my answers:

    Tim Reyes: Actually, the playing off camera is not paid. It’s just something that happens. And this mostly happens on amateur porn sites where the webmaster is also the cameraman, etc. I think models probably feel that since the guy is paying them, they should keep him happy.

    Regarding pay: I’ve known models and companies that pay $150 for what Donahoe did and more. They find models just fine. Fratmen (and the other big amateurs) over pay because they don’t want models going to other websites. It makes the models have too high expectations for pay, which limits where they can go to find work. Some even have exclusivity contracts – which really don’t benefit the model if they only make a few movies a year.

    I remember in middle school and high school, guys telling people that it would have to be a million dollars to have sex with another dude. It appears that it’s in the $150 – $3,000 range.

    For real porn actors, the modeling fee is just advertising for escorting.

    Phil: I don’t think Fratmen leaked the story, but they sure capitalized on it. Dirk Yates did the same thing during the early 90s when videos from a company call Frathouse Boys were being investigated for using active duty marines. Because NBC News couldn’t find a copy of the videos, they used some old Dirk Yates videos as a graphic. Dirk Yates immediately inserted himself as the victim of the scandal, getting his name out there to sell his videos.

    I feel sorry for Donahoe in some way.

  26. trevor says:

    If the wrestlers still have the original emails from Fratmen where there were portions assuring them “it will never be found out”, then the best thing to do is to haul the pornographers to court. Million of dollars for the destruction of their athletic careers, million of dollars for their humiliation, million of dollars for the destruction of their … Lol the lawyers can whip up more “destructions”.

    By directly confronting the pornographers, the athletes may even regain their lost reputation. By fighting the “social scourge” that was the direct cause of their downfall, they may yet become heroes instead of the ridiculous simpletons of late. People love redemptions but something must be brought down before a phoenix-like hero is allowed to emerge. What better to confront head-on than a pornographer who preys on bumbling college boys? The release signed by the boys didn’t exculpate the pornographer from malicious misrepresentations which ultimately destroyed them.

    Actually, Joe’s email itself is an aggravating evidence to the predatory machinations of Fratmen. Even if the wrestlers have deleted their emails, their testimonies corroborated by Joe can still prove the malicious ruse designed to lull them to accede by falsely assuring them of security from discovery & thus scandal.

    Some may view it as skating on thin legal ice but JUST THE ACT of taking on against the pornographers will vindicate them in the eyes of the public. I think, that’s the most important. Donahoe can aspire to be a coach again, he may conduct clinics again. Keeping quiet won’t kill the issue, especially if they want to continue wrestling. The scandal will surely catch stronger second wind when they return publicly. The wrestlers shouldn’t allow themselves to be the sole victims.

    THEY HAVE TO SHOW THEY WERE VICTIMS, everybody is a victim, except the pornographer . That everybody understands. I bet that will put a closure to this misadventure.

  27. Walter says:

    James: the alternatives (personal trainer, real estate agent,etc) you mentioned are recipes for a boring life. I think it’s not too late for Paul, Trevor may have a point. One needs to do a game-changing move in order to at least return some of the lost ground. It won’t do if he’ll just wish that the scandal be forgotten. Somebody should be lynched here- * I think the pornographer is the convenient excuse

  28. kevin says:

    Trevor: “Everybody is a victim except the pornographer,” very true. The wrestlers have suffered, the Nebraska team has suffered, but Fratmen has more subscribers & money. If you’re looking for a villain of the story, it’s right there.

    Actually, all the former models of Fratmen can claim sleepless nights (mental torture) because of the scandal that befell Donahoe & Jordan. They can say they fear that they may have their own scandals any moment now so they live terrorized lives. So what better way to regain their sleep at night? Yes, claim damages from Fratmen.

    Organize, file a class suit. Fratmen is now a million-dollar company. They paid pittance while they suckered you to show how you pucker your assholes on camera. Payback time.

  29. Kurt Wild says:

    I read a lot of this blog, I think it’s fantastic that everyone is unknowing of the facts as to why us guys film with other guys. The key is to know much about yourself, and knowing that alone you can look at all porn and just know that PORN IS PORN:) The gay communities have been a battleground for freedom and rights for years. Many people like a friend on the Tyra Banks show mentioned that he felt as tho us “straight guys” are just taking advantage of the gay man’s finances. NOT TRUE, in my opinion. To me and many others, we want to simply entertain and bring art to gay erotica more so than the guy/girl films. Like I said, porn is porn and you don’t even have to be bisexual to work with the same sex. It’s actually easier because both actors can even watch the same straight film to get hard and ready for the work where they meet in the middle on camera.

    While the dollar amounts everyone holds close to escorting… that’s simply not the same as escort money. Escorting is more personal and usually isn’t filmed for thousands or maybe even millions of people to be entertained FROM HOME. I mentioned to the guy on Tyra Banks’ show that at least my goal is to keep our gay and girl viewers away from escorting services and away from drunken orgies where so many accidents can happen. So, long story short.. LET’S JUST HAVE SAFER SEX.

  30. Kurt Wild says:

    One more thing. All models in porn, find their way there by CHOICE AND FREE WILL. As an actor in adult film I make sure to treat everyone I work with as if they have every STD out there, this way we both stay safer doing our job as adult entertainers. In no way am I defending any mishaps in all adult film history. I’m just answering at least 1 person’s question. Porn is porn, girl/ girl/ guy/guy girl/guy, it’s all porn and it’s not something to be careless with. We are all in our work together and must make sure that our partners are clean and safe for life. Just because we work in adult films, doesn’t mean we aren’t good people. I am aloving father of 4 wonderful children who call me DAD. I cannot express how wrong it is to treat porn stars like most ignorant people have treated gay friends. We are all people and we all need to focus on real problems in the world and not imaginary ones created from jealousy and envy of viewers. So, shame on all you haters!!!!

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