Welcome to The Scarlet Project. This project is an attempt to provide insightful, under-reported and sometimes even comical news on events and happenings at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The University of Nebraska is steeped in tradition–tradition that we can, mostly, be proud of. These traditions have been proudly passed on since 1869. But lately, the conversations and reporting of the events and happenings at UNL have been seemingly left behind.

The administration moves forward with decisions that affect students with laser-like focus. The Daily Nebraskan spends most of its time searching for wire stories from Uwire or the Associated Press to fill its pages. And student government concentrates on the perpetuation of its cliques from one year to the next.

The Scarlet Project was founded in an effort to fill the gaps where others have clearly lost their way. Our posts are intended to report news, editorialize on other’ actions and provide insight on the gossip that swirls throughout the campus.

Come back often. The real news from the University of Nebraska starts here.


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